Weekend GO train service coming to Brampton

Expansion of regular weekend GO train service in Brampton will begin starting on April 8, 2023.

Brampton is one-step closer to having All-Day Two Way GO train service. A range of new additional trips have been added including regular weekend GO train service on the Kitchener GO Line that currently provides many commuters weekday service to and from Toronto’s Union Station to Kitchener.

Metrolinx is taking steps to improve train service in Brampton, announcing they are accepting Requests for Qualification and Quote (RQQ) for the design of the new south platform, including a new third track in downtown Brampton that will bring full All-Day Two Way GO train service in the future.

Mayor Brown and Members of Council have been advocating for the expansion of All-Day Two Way GO train service making it a recurring provincial priority when speaking with MPPs during budget advocacy days. Last term, Regional Councillor Paul Vicente, along with Mayor Brown, Councillor Harkirat Singh and Councillor Pat Fortini advocated to the provincial government for the reinstatement of GO train trips on the Kitchener GO Line as several trips had been removed. As a result of their efforts, the trips were eventually returned.

Today’s expansion puts Brampton on track for the transit service levels it deserves and it is widely expected that the new service levels will be well utilized.

“We are very pleased to finally see significant progress on the GO Train service file.” said Vicente. “The dream of All-Day Two Way GO service is becoming a reality. We have worked hard to advocate for this and we’re grateful that the provincial government is finally making the changes that will improve the lives of transit users in Brampton.”

More information on upcoming changes are available on Metrolinx website.

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