Ryerson University to be located at Brampton GO Station

Ryerson will build its new campus on the GO Station parking lot, centre of photo. Source: Google

In what is certain to be a historic day for Brampton, the Province has made its official announcement for funding of a new university campus in downtown Brampton.

After more than a year of speculation, the location of the Ryerson University expansion was revealed at an event hosted by the Brampton Board of Trade this morning.

The new university is set to be located at the corner of Church Street West and Mill Street North in Brampton, presently the parking lot that forms part of the Metrolinx GO Train Station.

You can see our full broadcast, via Stand UP for Brampton, of this morning’s historic announcement by clicking the link at the bottom of this story.

Stand UP for Brampton’s Paul Vicente and Rowena Santos met last month with Mohamed Lachemi, the President of Ryerson University, where he discussed the importance of locating the new university close to transit, particularly, along the Kitchener Rail line, dubbed the “innovation super corridor” that connects Toronto and Waterloo, with Brampton positioned at the strategic center of the two major tech hubs.

Paul Vicente, Dr. Mohamed Lachemi, and Rowena Santos, March 2018.

“If you take the train from Toronto, going to Waterloo, Brampton is the mid-point. So I need to think about a way for us to capture this, and Metrolinx can be a strategic partner in that aspect, for sure,” explained Lachemi. “The location is extremely important, and the linkage to both cities, to Waterloo and Toronto, is extremely powerful.”

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Focusing on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), programming will be delivered in partnership by Ryerson University and Sheridan College. The new site will provide up to 2,000 new undergraduate spaces within five to 10 years.

The new campus will offer specialized programs on “cyber security“, a new and burgeoning field that is a primary concern for corporations around the world. Financial institutions, banks, police services, governments, and utilities are looking at their operations and the new risks presented by global hackers looking to steal information or potentially cause disruption. The area of cyber security has become a top priority with demand for skilled people on the rise.

Dr. Lachemi believes that the new university in our city is poised to become a world-class source for talent. “Brampton can be that hub; it can become a global center for cyber security. It will differentiate Brampton from anything else in the country, I tell you.”

Ontario will invest $90 million for the construction of the new postsecondary school and will also support the land purchase. The City of Brampton has pledged $50 million over ten years towards the new university campus, and an additional $100 million toward a “joint-use centre for education, innovation and collaboration” to be also located in the downtown.

At the announcement, Brampton’s Mayor Linda Jeffrey could hardly contain her excitement, saying that this is a once in a generation opportunity for Brampton. “This will transform Brampton forever,” a smiling Jeffrey said to the attendees in the packed hall.

“Today’s exciting announcement marks the start of transformation for Brampton, and new opportunities for our residents. We are looking forward to continuing our excellent partnership with Ryerson and Sheridan to make Brampton a destination for learning and innovation.”

The scene of today’s announcement, hosted by the Brampton Board of Trade.

Some attendees at the event, remarked that had the City of Brampton approved the proposed plan by Metrolinx to build an LRT line along Main Street, the construction of that project would have provided an essential link to the university, and that construction for both projects would have concluded around the same time.

In 2015, six Councillors voted against the HMLRT plan, and instead chose to stop the line at Shoppers World. The project was set to cost $1.6 billion, with the Province of Ontario  committed to paying the full amount.

New economic activity is expected in Brampton as a result of today’s announcement, and the benefits to the community will include the fact that residents will have the option of attending a world-class learning institution in the heart of the city.

Impacts include the creation of 3000 new construction jobs and $650 million of economic activity, and once the facility opens, 1900 permanent jobs will be supported, and $300 million of economic impact is expected every year.

Planning and design on the new campus is expected to begin immediately, with construction to follow and its completion scheduled for the Fall of 2022.

Watch today’s university announcement here:


An artist’s conceptual rendering of the proposed university location. Source: COB


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  1. Although building the university in Brampton is a good thing,I feel the Parking lot of the go-station is not a good place to locate it. Where will the parking be located for the many people who take the go train already? There are other sites on Church street (i.e., a lot near the park across from the church ) that would have been a better location. It is walking distance to the Go station and does not interfere with the existing parking lot.

  2. I feel they could have found a better spot. What about all the people that use the parking lot daily for working out of town. It’s not fair to them. They just want people to spend more money & have to take transit to & from the GO Station. People want to save some time, by driv8ng there & home.

  3. I don’t think its a not a better place to put the university. The downtown will be come more congested. And what about the GO commuter parking .where they gonna park park?

  4. Parking would be the first thing on anyone’s mind as soon as they see this announcement. Unless they have a great idea on how to accommodate it, this is going to be a disaster. Why no mention of it???

  5. Not enough parking now for Go Travel or Via Rail , it was quoted by people who travel & the city. 3 trains pass by our downtown City.
    The University is a wee bit too close to downtown and to use the much needed Go
    & Via parking lot . Close to all amenies is a good idea but to inconvenient others or cause other problems shouldn’t be happening. Why cant students walk 3 or so blocks to get to their destinations. So spoiled. GoTrain & Via Rail have problems with parking now as well as the Citys personal parking. They should be served 1st, as in parking.
    Is Brampton becoming the congested city like Toronto. Everything goes up ( as in buildings & taxes).
    The University maybe a great idea. On the other hand its going to cause many un-needed problems. Time will only tell.
    However ; good luck on this new project .
    Ryerson is on the way.

  6. My first thought too! Parking – a storied lot is essential. Even though Brampton Go is closer to my house I cant use it because there is no parking by 8am. I have to drive all the way to Mount pleasant Go.

  7. Where is the long term planning? Where is there room for growth and expansion. eg where UTM is located this is alot on open land on campus for new buildings and expansion. Also 2000 spaces is very small…high school size. there are approx 15000 students at University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. And that area is congested with no way to widen roads, and there will be more traffic on 410. Mississauga has had a university since 1967, why has this taken so long to happen,and why was it not planned for in land development?

  8. Don’t complain about parking, complain about transit. Around the world, people don’t even need cars in major cities (which Brampton at this point certainly is). A commuter looking to get downtown Toronto from Bovaird and Ching should be able to make the entire trip easily by transit. To succeed, Brampton needs to use public transit better. Before that can happen, the transit system needs to get better.

    This is a good step and a university will bring a lot of economic growth and diversity to downtown and the surrounding area. However, if the oversight is made to ignore improving the transit system, it could be disastrous.

    You cannot grow and build by staying the same. Part of that is the reliance on cars.

  9. This area can already not support the traffic and density of people moving around rush hour and peak traffic times, this will only add to the congestion. A better choice with more open space could have been made, instead we will end up with crowding and chaos.

  10. I commute every day from Brampton Go to Union Station, paying almost $17.00 daily, hope this will not cost me more, paying for parking, I also take the 6:03 am train from Brampton so I can get parking,put a University there is absolutely a great idea which would be in benefit for kids, but must not in convience the daily commuters or in crease there cost to get to work

    Concerned Brampton residence and daily commuter from Brampton to Union


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