Outreach to Brampton’s Diverse Communities

Brampton is a dynamic city and a microcosm of the world. We all thrive when we respect, understand and value the perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds. As your councillors in Wards 1 & 5, it is our core responsibility to immerse ourselves in the lives of our constituents. In this term of office (2022-2026), we are continuing to prioritize outreach to our diverse communities so that we can ensure public policy initiatives at the City of Brampton and Region of Peel are based on the needs of all residents.

We recently participated in Lohri celebrations and Sukhmani Sahib Path devotional prayers at Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Brampton (32 Regan Rd). Lohri is celebrated by many cultures for the coming harvest season. Sukhmani Sahib is referred to as the prayer of peace and is said to provide optimism and peace to anyone who reads it with love and devotion. These events are important to our Sikh community and we were grateful to receive blessings.

The experience of listening to the peaceful hymns and music alongside the constant flow of worshippers, observing donations of food and seva (time) made by the community to run a langar (community kitchen), and sitting on the ground beside worshippers were both spiritual and humbling. Many seniors from the Sikh community shared how genuinely happy they were that we visited and celebrated with them in their place of worship.

Thank you to the community leaders who accepted our invitation to join us, including:

Amarjot Sandhu, MPP Brampton West
Harkirat Singth, Deputy Mayor and Regional Councillor Wards 9 & 10
Navjit Kaur Brar, Regional Councillor Wards 2 & 6
Ravjat Chhatwal, Divisional Chief – Brampton Fire & Emergency Services
Nauman Khan, Associate VP – Sheridan College

Our community engagement initiative will continue with members from all faith, culture and ethnic groups. Please contact Anitpal.Grewal@brampton.ca to discuss your community needs further. 

About Your Wards 1 & 5 Councillors

Regional Councillor Rowena Santos is the first Filipino woman to serve on Brampton City Council and is in her second term of office. She also champions the empowerment of women at the City of Brampton.

Regional Councillor Paul Vicente is Portuguese in heritage and is serving his second term on Brampton City Council.

About Brampton

Brampton is one of the most diverse cities in the world. We are home to people who represent 234 different ethnic origins and who speak 89 languages. In the past 20 years our city’s population has doubled to over 700,000 people and we may soon have more residents than Mississauga and Vancouver. A significant part of this growth comes from the immigration of people from around the world who choose to live here. This economic opportunity also brings challenges in providing housing, city and regional services while also improving the quality of life for residents.

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