Brampton’s Big Blue House – One Hour Special Now Online

UPDATE: The Full 1-Hour Special Episode can now be watched online.

Could a monster home be coming to your neighbourhood? Across North America, owners are tearing down small properties and building new, massive homes. In Brampton, the most well known example is called the Big Blue House. Some call it a monstrosity. Many say it’s an eyesore. The neighbours say it’s way too big for their area, and the homeowner says he wants to finish it and call it home.

In this special, one-hour broadcast of Brampton Focus, host Michael A. Charbon delves deep into the “Big Blue House”.  Featuring interviews with the neighbours, exclusive never before seen video of the interior of the house, and a first ever, television interview with the owner, Ahmed Elbasiouni.  Mr. Elbasiouni purchased the property, started building the house, and has been fighting the City of Brampton for the past three years since his permit was revoked on February 20th, 2013.



  1. Sad for the locals in the area…(particularly the folks adjacent to the property), those that put their blood, sweat and tears into building a solid foundation in the community. Whether AHMED is legit or not, (and I am suspect to his true intentions), however, anyone with a monster plan like that should realize they don’t fit in. Remember Sesame Street “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things doesn’t belong…”

  2. Just finished watching the 48 minute video on this. This individual is getting screwed over by the city and the media. The city wont or cant even produce the error on the permits that are causing this mess. Although I agree it is sad to see old neighborhoods disappearing like this, it happens all the time. The city of Toronto is a prime example of this. Once built this house, (big or not) will only improve on the surrounding real estate values. It’s called progress people deal with it……


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