Wanted: Hats, Scarves and Gloves

A Brampton student wants your unused winter hats, scarves, and gloves to distribute to the homeless. Emma Hurst’s campaign is now in its third year, and she is asking Bramptonians to check their closets for winterware that can benefit a homeless person.

Do you have that box of stuff in your closet that might contain clothing that will help keep someone who is less fortunate warm this winter? Hurst thinks so. “Most people don’t realize that they are capable of helping,” she says. “You may not have money to give, but you can help in other ways. It’s a giving time and this is a way we can all contribute.”

“I looked around my room and saw so many things that I do not use.. Why not bring it to someone who needs it?”

Why is she doing this? Watch this special episode of Brampton Focus to find out, and then visit the Facebook page “The Christmas Drive for Those Less Fortunate” by clicking here to find out more. Please give!

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