Steve Paikin’s Perspective on Brampton Billy

Steve Paikin’s newest book, Bill Davis: Nation Builder, and Not So Bland After All, has been selling since October, and if you are keen to learn more about Brampton Billy, you can get a copy from Amazon Canada and settle in for a good read.

Steve Paikin has had an illustrious career as a broadcaster. You know him as the inquiring and balanced anchor of TVO’s The Agenda, where he delves into current affairs and talks to the people that define Canada’s politics.

Long before The Agenda, Steve Paikin also worked at various other news outlets, and by his own admission, spent his most formative years working at the same time that Bill Davis ran the Province from 1971 to 1985, the second longest time that anyone has ever served as Premier of Ontario.

As a result, Steve Paikin has closely observed the political scene and is uniquely positioned to write about it. With seven books to his name, including a biography on John P. Robarts, the man who sat as Premier of Ontario before Bill Davis, and the tantalizingly titled The Dark Side: The Personal Price of a Political Life, Steve Paikin has established himself as an authority on politics in Ontario.

In this first ever authorized biography of Bill Davis, Steve Paikin tells the story of how a son from Brampton made an indelible mark on the history of this province and left the place better than he found it– achievements that include his work to modernize the education system.

The book took over ten years to write, including a long campaign by Paikin to persuade the usually modest ex-premier to work with him. The comprehensive work spans 569 pages.

In this special, exclusive interview with Brampton Focus, Steve Paikin explains his desire to tell the full story of Bill Davis; to tell it better. There is a lot for Bramptonians to enjoy in this show, and host Michael Charbon also delivers a special surprise for Steve; For details on that, you will have to watch.

Purchase your copy of the book at Amazon Canada.

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