Our Time to Help Peel Memorial

Almost ten years have passed since Peel Memorial Hospital was demolished. I remember walking into the hospital for the first time in 1984 when my mother was admitted to the Emergency Room for chest pain.

I remember the narrow hallway between the emergency room area and the main entrance foyer. There was a seating area to the right hand side for concerned family members to wait, and for the sick hoping to be called next.

On the wall along that hallway, there was an impressive feature that could not be missed. Hundreds of brass plaques were affixed to a brick wall; each with the name of an individual or a family who had donated to the hospital. These plaques represented the generosity of the community to make Peel Memorial Hospital a cornerstone in Brampton.

I walked by that wall many times in my life, including when my first child was born there. Peel Memorial was my hospital, and it was there for me, my family and the entire city thanks in part to the generosity of the people whose names were inscribed on those plaques. When Peel Memorial Hospital closed, it left a significant void in the City. Now, a brand new health care facility is nearing completion and will open its doors later this year.

It’s our time to make a difference.  The William Osler Foundation is beginning a new campaign by asking the residents of Brampton to dig deep and make a personal pledge to support Peel Memorial, and for a limited time you can give once and have twice the impact. Until June 30th, every donation made to the William Osler Foundation will be matched by a donation made by the Orlando Corporation who pledged $15 million to support our hospitals. This is a special opportunity that is unprecedented in Brampton and every resident is invited to help make the new Peel Memorial Hospital the best health care facility that we deserve.

This episode of Brampton Focus details the incredible generosity of the Orlando Corporation pledge and how you can help.

Rendering of the new Peel Memorial.

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