New Brampton Pushes for City Building

What does the future of Brampton look like? What is our collective vision of what the next generation of Brampton should be? A group of Brampton residents, developers, and financiers have come together to ignite that conversation with the formation of New Brampton, and they are bringing their ideas directly to the steps of City Hall.

“New Brampton is a collection of people that represent all parts of Brampton, who really want to see this city evolve into something special and good.” says Rod Rice, Chairman of New Brampton.

Rice is the son of Lois Rice and her late husband, Max Rice, long time residents of the city whose philanthropic work has benefited numerous causes, notably Peel Memorial and Brampton Civic Hospitals.

“There are many great aspects of this city, and the time has come to coalesce behind a concept plan that will allow Brampton what it ought to be,” Rice says, “and that, essentially, is what we are about.”

In this episode of Brampton Focus, host Michael A. Charbon speaks with Rod Rice, and Dave Kapil, Co-Chair of New Brampton to learn about their vision for the city.

Kapil believes that the time is right for city building. “The federal government actually wants to invest money into infrastructure,” says Kapil. “Our focus is to get the funding.”

While federal infrastructure funding may be available, few “shovel ready” projects currently exist in Brampton. A new university is expected soon with the recent acceptance by Ryerson University to a proposal call, and there is talk of other projects like the “Riverwalk” Etobicoke Creek flood mitigation plan, but none are past the final design stages.

Rice believes that we need to get moving. “We get to this vision by getting Council to look in the same direction, and having a citizenry who are rooting for the politicians and for the staff to execute a strategic plan, and to have it seen through.”

You can watch this special episode of Brampton Focus to learn more about New Brampton, and you can also visit their website by clicking here.

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