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Music is alive and well in Brampton, despite a few challenges in the past few years, thanks to the dedication of several groups.  This month, Brampton Focus is offering a peek inside the historic Brampton Concert Band, and the Jazz Mechanics, as well as the Rose Orchestra. Communities that embrace music tend to flourish better. In Brampton, our multicultural nature means that we are fortunate to experience music from every corner of the globe. The economic benefits of professional music production and live music performance are significant, and let’s face it: Music lifts the soul.

This point was not lost on the early residents of Brampton who, in 1884, formed the Brampton Concert Band, and later on, the formation of the Brampton Mechanics by the mechanics of the Haggert Foundry. They turned to music to enrich their lives and those of the residents of the entire community. Playing at every major event in town, they laid the foundation for professional live music production for the next century in Brampton.

Fast forward to today, Brampton has a wonderful musical venue, the Rose Theatre, and it has brought forth the Rose Orchestra, a team of talented musicians that presents concert-style musical performances that so far, have enthralled and pleased audiences since 2012.

In this episode, Michael A. Charbon speaks to David Harmsworth and Joe Ferrari about their collective efforts to keep music going in Brampton.

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