Jobs and Growth – Federal Budget 2022


  • Continue to support small businesses by extending the funding for the My Main Street initiative past the initial 12 months, and continuing Digital Main Street with expanded boundaries outside of Business Improvement Areas (BIA’s) for the Digital Transformation and Digital Service Squad programs.
  • Support the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC) with increased funding through the Bridges to Better Business program.
  • Investments in Brampton’s Innovation District to foster inclusive innovation with a world class, multicultural workforce. Brampton is advancing Canada’s  standing as a ‘Nation of Innovation’ by bringing together more than a dozen partners to scale start-ups.
  • Clear backlog and administrative impediments for newcomer immigrant entrepreneurs with continued investment into the Start-up Visa Program  facilitated locally by Brampton BHive.
  • Acknowledge Stellantis for a green transformation and their economic impact in employing approximately 3,000 workers with good paying manufacturing jobs and maintaining more than 15,000 jobs at the plant and throughout the supply chain.
  • Recognize Brampton’s significant contribution to the economy as geographically integrated in the Airport Employment Zone and further support the City of Brampton to catalyze more inclusive workforce practices and skill development in sectors of logistics and food processing.
  • Continue to support the Global Skills Strategy and Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program, Canada Technology Adoption Fund and Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative, funding for women-led businesses and multicultural ambitious BIPOC business founders – all have a substantial impact and presence in Brampton in comparison to other major cities.

The City of Brampton’s Economic Development team is an internationally recognized and awarded municipal department, developing job and investment opportunities in Canada’s fastest growing big city.

As we recover economically, we ask the Government of Canada to recognize and support Brampton with budget initiatives that match its economic growth as the fastest growing large urban centre in Canada, growing at 10.6% according to Statistics Canada.

  • With Brampton’s more than 75,000 businesses, we are asking for continued small business support, and increased funding for recovery initiatives.
  • With Brampton’s more than one dozen innovation partners, we are asking for an investment focus on Brampton’s world-class Innovation District.
  • We thank the federal government for the continued and expanded support in building Brampton into one of the nation’s top centres for cybersecurity, further building on Brampton’s strength as geographically centrally located in Canada’s Innovation Corridor.
  • Support Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC), which has advised close to 1,000 entrepreneurs in 2021, distributed 78,800 rapid tests to 850 businesses and created approximately 2,000 jobs over the last five years. With broadened funding to BEC through the Bridges to Better Business program, these events present excellent opportunities to collaborate with our Small Business Enterprise Centre to support clients within Brampton.
  • Support small businesses by continuing My Main Street funding past the initial 12 months; and continuing Digital Main Street with expanded  boundaries outside of BIAs for the Digital Transformation grant and Digital  Service Squad.
  • Invest in Brampton’s Innovation District for inclusive innovation, which is advancing Canada’s position as a Nation of Innovators with a multicultural world class Innovation District bringing together more than a dozen partners to scale startups with partners such as: Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Ryerson Venture Zone, Founders Institute, Altitude  Accelerator, AlgomaU, Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, Sheridan Edge, and Brampton Bhive, which as an ecosystem has hosted 3,288 sessions, and hired 49 employees.
  • Clear backlog and administrative impediments for newcomer immigrant entrepreneurs with continued investment into the Start-up Visa Program facilitated locally by Brampton BHive.

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