Immigration Minister Makes it Easier for Families to Reunite

Minister John McCallum with MP Kamal Khera and MP Raj Grewal.

Canada’s Immigration Minister, John McCallum was in Brampton today to announce that the Government of Canada is making it faster and easier for Canadians and permanent residents to reunite with their spouses.

John McCallum, the Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugees was joined by Kamal Khera and Raj Grewal, both Members of Parliament, in Brampton to announce improvements to facilitate faster spousal reunification at the Indus Community Services Office in Brampton West.

“We have listened to Canadians and are delivering results.” McCallum said. “Bringing families together makes for a stronger Canada. Canadians who marry someone from abroad shouldn’t have to wait for years to have them immigrate or be left with uncertainty in terms of their ability to stay. What we’re announcing today is a more efficient, more considerate process to reunite families.”

Earlier this year, the Government of Canada began a concerted effort to reduce processing times. From the start of 2016 to the Fall, processing times were reduced by 15 percent for in-Canada applications and just over 10 percent for applications outside Canada.

Now, processing times will be reduced even further with most spousal applications being processed in 12 months. Complex cases may require more time.

Applicants who already filed an application will not have to wait an additional 12 months to have them finalized. Immigration Services will continue to process applications in the order they have been received. Most families who have been waiting should have a decision on their sponsorship application no later than the end of December 2017.

Brampton is home to individuals from nearly every country, a sizeable number coming from India. In her comments on the importance of the announcement, Kamal Khera, who represents the riding of Brampton West, explained that the Government is listening to residents in Brampton.

“Our nation is built on family values and it is important that we make it easier for families to reunite.” Khera said. “When a Canadian marries an individual from aboard, it should be easier for the couple to reunite in Canada. The Prime Minister made this commitment in Brampton one year ago and our Government has delivered.”

These new changes are expected to benefit more than 64,000 applicants by the end of 2017, and are the latest measures to bring families together.


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