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Healthcare Updates

Councillor Comments

Brampton’s growth over the past 20 years has significantly outpaced the provincial investment in our local healthcare system. Some estimates suggest that Brampton currently needs over 800 acute care beds to reach the provincial average in beds per capita. 

Recent provincial announcements are encouraging as we work to catch up to what Brampton deserves. We welcome the recent announcements. Ultimately, we need shovels in the ground so we can start addressing our healthcare emergency.

Brampton’s experience throughout the pandemic has emphasized that announcements made during elections over past decades did not serve us well.

We hope that regardless of which political party assumes the government on June 3rd that they will quickly put shovels in the ground at the same speed as the recent announcements. We cannot wait for another election for progress.

Councillor Rowena Santos
Councillor Paul Vicente
Regional Councillors for Brampton Ward 1 & 5
April 3, 2022