Global Roamer 2 Stops in Brampton

How many people can literally say they’ve toured the planet? Eleven years ago, John and Lynda Pinder started their trek to tour the world in a 4×4 camper-truck called the “Global Roamer”. They are now steering their “Global Roamer 2” and recently made an overnight stop in Brampton. We caught up with them to take a few photos and have a brief chat before they moved on.

The Pinders have driven right around the Earth, beginning in Singapore, and then on to countries in Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Europe. From there, they began a new path that began in Peru six years ago, making their way up and down South America. They have crisscrossed the United States and Canada, and are now completing the latest part of their journey. Their home on wheels is an impressive utilitarian machine that is capable of riding over any terrain, yet offers the basic comforts of home. Mounted over the cab is a set of Moose horns suggesting that the machine is moving forward and nobody can stop it. The Pinders have a motto: “It’s not the destination, but the journey” and indeed their story is a kind of modern-day megellanic odyssey on wheels.

Why did they stop in Brampton? “One of our nieces lives here,” says John. “We came and spent the evening with them. We had some local dinner and some local beer. We had a great time.” When asked about their thoughts on Brampton, John remarked, “It’s very multicultural.” Coming from somebody who has been everywhere, that is a badge we can be proud of.

You can read about their adventures on their blog.


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