Free Transit for Brampton Seniors

Brampton’s senior residents can ride now ride Brampton Transit for free with a Brampton Senior Identification Card and a PRESTO card loaded with an annual free pass.

As approved in the 2020 Budget, the free annual pass will provide unlimited travel for Brampton seniors at no cost on Brampton Transit. Brampton Transit will no longer sell the $15 senior resident monthly pass or offer the $1 senior resident cash fare.

All non-resident seniors can continue to use their PRESTO cards and pay the senior e-purse fare at $1.60.

This free pass comes after the success of the $15 senior resident monthly pass that was introduced in September 2019, which resulted in an increase in seniors obtaining Brampton Senior Identification Cards.

For details on eligibility and where to get your cards, visit or call 905.874.5120.

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