Emergency Pet Food Pantry available for pet owners in need of assistance

We’ve seen during the pandemic a number of pet owners unable to care adequately for their pets. Brampton Animal Services offers an Emergency Pet Food Pantry to support pet owners with anywhere from one week to one month of pet supplies depending on demand and donations. Rehoming services are also offered to ensure pets stay out of shelters, prevent overcrowding and saving resources for animals most in need.

Please get in touch with the staff at Brampton Animal Services to volunteering. Your financial donations and food supplies for the pantry are much appreciated.

On a prior visit to Brampton Animal Services, Councillor Vicente nudged Councillor Santos to adopt. Stanley’s been a loved member of her family every since (he makes a cameo in the video).

Brampton Animal Services

Web: Brampton Animal Services
Phone: 905.458.5800
Email: animal.services@brampton.ca
Address: 475 Chrysler Drive
Brampton, ON L6S 6G3

Recap with Mike Mulick

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