Carabram’s Eelam Pavilion Donates to Osler

Another Carabram has ended, but the goodwill generated by one of Brampton’s largest festivals continues to impact the community. With the entire Brampton community gathering its resources to support William Osler and the construction of the new Peel Memorial, the organizers at the Eelam Pavilion rolled up their sleeves and encouraged people to give. The result was that volunteers collected $1,030 over the course of the festival weekend, and on Thursday, a cheque was presented to the William Osler Foundation to help support pediatric care. The donation will be matched by CN Rail, thanks to their 2016 Miracle Match program which matches funds raised through the William Osler Health System Foundation’s ‘You Have the Power’ Campaign up to $300,000.

You can donate to William Osler by visiting If you prefer to have fun while you give, you can also support Osler on July 23, by participating in the 2016 Brampton Focus Softball Charity Challenge.

You can choose to play, watch or just support the cause. For more information, click here.


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