Brampton Submits 2022 Federal Funding Requests

Brampton is Canada’s fastest growing city and is the 9th largest in the country. According to Statistics Canada, the city’s population grew by 10.6 per cent, from 593,638 residents in 2016 to 656,480 in 2021. With such explosive growth comes a greater need for external funding to help pay for infrastructure and programs to support Brampton’s growing population.

In Ottawa, work is underway to prepare the federal budget and Brampton’s leaders are keen to ensure that Brampton gets its fair share of dollars to pay for a wide range of projects.

Advocacy efforts by the City of Brampton has increased substantially since 2019 when, in a new term of office under Mayor Patrick Brown, Members of Council have worked to secure millions in funding contributions from the federal and provincial governments.

In 2021, the City revealed that due to its advocacy efforts between 2019 and 2021, external funding from provincial and federal sources increased by 232 per cent, with intergovernmental funding received by Brampton two times higher than what was achieved in the period between 2011 and 2018, a total of $529 million.

With the 2022 federal budget expected later this year, Brampton has submitted its budget asks with a focus in the five following areas: Major transit investments, expanding active transportation, building greener, creating more resilient communities, and supports for jobs and growth.

To learn more about these funding asks, please watch the following vignettes featuring Regional Councillor Rowena Santos and Regional Councillor Paul Vicente as they explain Brampton’s priorities for the federal budget.

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