Building Better Transit – Federal Budget 2022


  • $1.7B Light Rail Transit (LRT) along Main Street from Steeles Avenue to Brampton GO Station (Federal ask $850M).
  • Queen Street – Highway 7 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) (Federal ask $250M)
  • Electrify third transit facility for growing electric bus fleet (Federal ask $75M).

The City of Brampton is creating a modern, integrated transit system by enhancing regional transit connections, increasing connectivity to transit infrastructure, offering sustainable transportation alternatives, and implementing environmentally friendly and advanced technologies.

The City thanks the Government of Canada for their commitment of $14.9B to public transit over the next eight years.

We are excited for the many upcoming transit projects in Brampton including the electrification of our fleet, a new Transit Maintenance and Storage Facility, HuLRT, Queen Street-Hwy 7 BRT, Downtown Transit Hub and many more.

Brampton Transit looks forward to an opportunity to collaborate on program design for the Permanent Transit Fund to ensure a fair and equitable allocation of funding. Brampton Transit is the fastest-growing transit system in Canada, with ridership significantly outpacing population growth. Brampton’s ridership growth of 38% over the three years before COVID-19 (2016-2019) was unprecedented compared to the average increase in Ontario of 2.3% and the national average increase of 6.9% over the same period (as per the Canadian Urban Transit Association).

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