Break-In Caught on Camera

A still frame from security camera footage.
A still frame from security camera footage.

A video showing a break-in via a front door entrance was uploaded to YouTube today by veteran journalist Pam Douglas, a writer for The Brampton Guardian.

The six-minute security camera video shows how a man knocked at the door of a home while the owners were away. He knocks several times at the door and when no one answers, he breaks through the door and proceeds to enter the home, taking items with him after spending a brief period inside the house.

Police authorities advise that if someone is knocking at your door when you are not expecting visitors, you should not ignore it; Instead, you should answer it, even if only by having a conversation with the door closed, so that crooks know you are home and move on.

This video highlights the importance of installing a heavy-duty striker plate, or latch, on your front doors to replace the original latch which came with your door.


Other security tips include ensuring that your front entrance is visible from the street, and take steps to ensure your home looks lived in.

A monitored alarm system and a security surveillance system can make a difference to your peace of mind, and may prove useful to police investigators in the case of a break-in like this one.

Getting together with your neighbours and beginning a Neighbourhood Watch program in your area is an additional step you can take to make your community safer. You can visit Neighbourhood Watch Brampton’s website to sign up and begin taking the necessary steps.

This week is Crime Prevention Week in Peel. Please enjoy this educational moment with Peel Regional Police Constable Sandro Strangio as he explains why you should upgrade your door latch.


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