5th Annual World of Jazz Festival

Photo from worldofjazz.ca

The World of Jazz Festival is an annual event that supports local artists and businesses in Brampton. The festival, now running in its 5th year is supported by the City of Brampton through the Marquee Festival and Events Fund. It is a wonderful opportunity for local students, hobbyists, and professional musicians to perform and has featured Canadian and international jazz luminaries.

During the pandemic our musicians, artists and businesses have struggled. The World of Jazz Festival persevered again this year through difficult circumstances to produce an event that continues to provide economic value to the city and offers local business venues to showcase local talent. 

Councillor Rowena Santos and Councillor Paul Vicente recently formed the band Point of Order to demonstrate their commitment to the local Arts scene while engaging the community to come out and support local events and venues. At the World of Jazz Festival this year, Mayor Patrick Brown (cowbell) and Mayor Cam Guthrie (drums) from Guelph played with the band at Keenan’s Irish Pub.

Ward 1 & 5 Councillor Rowena Santos is a champion of the Arts and the economic benefits that the creative community can unlock for the city. She is Council’s Representative for the Arts, Culture & Creative Industry Development Agency (ACCIDA). Read More on ACCIDA

The World of Jazz Festival is the signature event of B-Jazzed, a Brampton based non-profit. Find out about their upcoming events.

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