2022 Budget approved with 4th tax freeze and $62.5M for hospital expansion

Brampton City Council unanimously approved the City of Brampton’s 2022 Budget at its Special Council Meeting on Dec 8th 2021.

Ward 1 & 5 Councillors Paul Vicente and Rowena Santos discussed the budget process after it was approved.

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Over this term, Brampton City Council kept financial sustainability top of mind, working collectively to achieve value for residents and businesses while maintaining service excellence. As the final Budget of its Term, this is the fourth consecutive year that this Council will deliver a 0% property tax increase to fund the City’s Budget, while maintaining a record contribution of $117M to reserves and showing its commitment to healthcare expansion by designating $62.5M of funding for the new Peel Memorial Hospital. 

Download a 2 page budget summary. Read the full media release on the City of Brampton website.

Note to Media: Interviews and video clips with Brampton Ward 1&5 Councillor Santos and Councillor Vincente are available on request. Contact Here.

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